Mercer County Transportation Planning

Planning for Mercer County’s Transportation system, providing safe and efficient modes of travel for both the public and private sectors.

Highway – Public Transit – Pedestrian/Bicyclists

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April 14, 2020 MPO Coordinating Committee Meeting Material

Due to health and safety concerns outlined in current COVID-19 directives, the scheduled April 14, 2020 at 10:30am meeting of Coordinating Committee of the Shenango Valley Area Transportation Study (SVATS) will NOT be held on-site at the MCRPC offices as originally planned. Instead, the meeting will be held in a virtual format, with online and phone-based options available to members and the public.

Information on connecting to the public meeting via Skype can be found under the transportation page of MCRPC’s website at or can be emailed directly by contacting Participants can also call 1-(267)-332-8737. It is recommended participants calling in do so via cell phone and/or check their long distance/toll rates to avoid long-distance phone charges.

Virtual Meeting 4-14-2020 Skype Link

Meeting Cover Letter/Minutes/Agenda

SVATS MPO 2021 Draft Interstate TIP Narrative

SVATS MPO 2021 Draft TIP Narrative

SVATS MPO 2021 Draft Transit TIP Narrative

Information Fiscal Constraint Chart TIP 4-14-2020

Administrative Fiscal Constraint Chart SVATS MPO TIP 4-14-2020

2020 STU Funding Application

2019 Annual Listing of Obligated Projects

2019-2022 Transportation Improvement Program Public Comment Documents

2019-2022 SVATS TIP – Notice of Public Review and Comment Period

2019-2022 TIP Project Selection Process

2019-2022 SVATS TIP – Highway and Bridge

2019-2022 SVATS TIP – Highway and Bridge Public Narrative

2019-2022 SVATS TIP – Transit

2019-2022 SVATS TIP – Transit Public Narrative

2019-2022 SVATS TIP – Transit Financial Capacity Analysis

2019-2022 SVATS TIP – Self Certification Resolution

2019-2022 SVATS TIP – Environmental Justice

2019-2022 SVATS TIP – Public Participation Plan

2019-2022 SVATS TIP – MOU for TIP Modification Procedures

2019-2022 SVATS  TIP – Air Quality Conformity Report FY19 TIP and LRTP

2019-2022 SVATS TIP – Air Quality Resolution

2019-2022 SVATS TIP – List of Major Regional Projects from the Previous TIP

2019-2022 SVATS TIP – SVATS Interstate TIP