Mercer County Transportation Planning

Planning for Mercer County’s Transportation system, providing safe and efficient modes of travel for both the public and private sectors.

Highway – Public Transit – Pedestrian/Bicyclists

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Long Range Transportation Plan Updates

MCRPC and SVATS MPO are updating the Mercer County Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP). The goal of the LRTP is to build a roadmap for future projects to improve our transportation system through the year 2045.

Long Range Transportation Plan Video 

We want to know your ideas, interests, and priorities for all aspects of our transportation system. The LRTP addresses a broad range of topics including:

  • Overall goals and priorities
  • Condition of existing transportation systems
  • Current and future use of transportation modes
  • Specific issues or concern areas
  • Opportunities for future improvements

Click the link below to take a short survey and share YOUR vision for the future of our transportation system.

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“NEW” Information:


2020 Annual Obligation Report of Projects


2021-2024 Transportation Improvement Program Public Comment Documents

2021-2024 SVATS TIP – Notice of Public Review and Comment Period

2021-2024 TIP Project Selection Process

2021-2024 TIP Development  Timeline

2021-2024 TIP Highway & Bridge

2021-2024 TIP Highway & Bridge Narrative

2021-2024 TIP Highway Financial Constraint Table

2021-2024 TIP Transit

2021-2024 TIP Transit Public Narrative

2021-2024 TIP Transit Financial Capacity Analysis

2021-2024 TIP Interstate  TIP and Public Narrative

2021-2024 TIP Statewide Projects TIP and Public Narrative

2021-2024 TIP Transportation Performance Management Narrative

2021-2024 TIP Self Certification Notification

2021-2024 TIP Environmental Justice Documentation

2021-2024 TIP Public Participation Plan, Title VI Plan, Limited English Proficiency Plan

2021-2024 TIP MOU for TIP revisions

2021-2024 TIP Draft Air Quality Conformity Determination Report

2021-2024 TIP SVATS Air Quality Resolution

2021-2024 TIP List of Major Projects Implemented or Delayed from Previous TIP

2020 STU Funding Application

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